Lee McIntyre Point and Click Coaching Free DVD

Lee McIntyre Point and Click Coaching Free DVD
Lee McIntyre Free Coaching DVD

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Buy Lee McIntyre's Point and Click Coaching Program

Well this is my first blog post to Review My Purchase of Lee McIntyre's Point and Click Coaching, I signed up to become a fully fledged student just under 3 weeks ago.

I have actually created a brand new blog which will detail my progress following Lee's teachings here:


So far there are 5 new posts you can read for free:

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Why Buy Lee McIntyre Point and Click Coaching

Lee McIntyre Affiliates - Get Point and Click Coaching For Free

You can read the first post for that blog below:

I decided to write this free Point and Click Coaching Review to help people thinking about buying this coaching from Lee to decide if it's really something you should buy or not.

God knows that so many people online waste a whole lot of money trying to be a success, and never seem to achieve it.

So it is my quest to find an online coaching program that actually does deliver the goods and show you the money!

I can't even remember how I found out about Lee's Coaching, but it looked the part so I decided I would buy Point and Click Coaching and do a little test run, to see if what Lee teaches really can make ANYONE a success online.

There are too many marketers online who make money just by telling people how they can make money.

Now we all know the only money they are making is from these coaching programs, we are not stupid!

So, Lee's coaching must deliver or it won't be getting a big recommended thumbs up from me, I aim to reveal the TRUTH.

QUICK NOTE: I am not relying on any other resources that I currently have to help me achieve results faster ie. my mailing list etc. The reason I am doing this is to make sure I do not have an unfair advantage over anyone starting Lee's coaching from scratch.

This means everything I achieve, you will be able to achieve.

I am following everything Lee teaches to the letter, if I don't then how could I possibly say if buying Point and Click Coaching actually worked right?

Too many people just throw up reviews full of praise for a product in order to get you to buy, I am not like that, rest assured I will only recommend this product to you if I believe in my heart of hearts that it is worth every penny or cent.

So just to let you know where I am at, it's 3 weeks into the Lee's coaching and already I have learned a wealth of information.

One of the other reasons I wanted access to Lee's coaching (apart from test driving it to see if it works) was because as a bonus you get access to the real videos from his "Inside Out - Upside Down" Workshop.

I am going to be honest and say I didn't even know Lee had held a UK workshop.

But once I knew he had, I really did want to have a look at what he was teaching, it's good to be inquisitive and down right poke your nose in online, you will learn lots that way.

Now I suspected there would be a wealth of information on these video recordings, and I was right, after watching a few of the videos it looks like Lee really knows his stuff.

I would also think it's important to let you know that he is very honest too, he does not seem to be holding back on anything.

If you don't know what Lee looks like you can see him in the image below, he is revealing his 7 Rules of Momentum, these rules are like gold-dust, trust me.

After you have finished reading this blog post, feel free to click on the image and get a sneaky peek at the 7 rules completely free:

The above screen shot was taken from Lee's workshop, and when you access the coaching you actually get access to all of the information Lee shared over the 2 days.

One thing I will say, although maybe I shouldn't, is when you reach 14 days of membership with Lee's coaching, you actually get a surprise bonus, Lee calls it "Customer Appreciation Day" and it's really worth waiting for!

It's not often I get surprised by any content online anymore, but I was genuinely surprised by Lee's generosity on Day 14.

I could tell you what it is, but I won't!

Only because I want you to get the feeling I did when I got the Point and Click Coaching bonus.

So, as well as getting access to all the content for both days of the Upside Down Inside Out workshop, you get a sweet little bonus for free too, now that's over delivering if ever I seen it.

As I am typing out this blog post, I am working my way through week 3 of Point and Click Coaching, each week you get set little mini assignments.

I don't mind doing assignments, although I do feel like I am back at School, however I am quite capable of doing some short tasks each week to test out Lee's online money making teachings.

I guess that's the reason Lee has aptly named it "Point and Click Coaching" because that's exactly what you are getting.

Sometimes online marketers whiz through the stages and leave you to figure the steps out yourself which can be very frustrating, but Lee is actually showing you step by step so there is really no room for error, newbies can breathe a sigh of relief.

So that's a wrap up of the stage I am at so far.

I am pleased with everything I have received, I like Lee's style of teaching, and so far it looks like anyone could follow along, my own membership status will stay live, for now...

Now my evening will be spent working on my short assignment, then I will be off soaking up all the information from my "customer appreciation bonus".

It's a hard life, not :)

Please feel free to read the other posts on this review blog and watch my progression.

Remember I won't hold back, this is not some rose tinted view of buying Lee McIntyre's Point and Click Coaching, the gloves are off!

Stay tuned, Sally.

PS. I highly advise you watch Lee's 7 Rules of Momentum video, it's free and will be time well spent, trust me, just visit the link below:

Lee McIntyre Point and Click Coaching - 7 Rules of Momentum Access

Monday, December 17, 2007

Resale Rights Blueprint

You may or may not know John Thornhill has released his latest product entitled:

The Resale Rights Blueprint

I honestly beleive that John has put in so much hard work to ensure any ebook sellers success that I 100% recommend you make this purchase.

John has obviously been working on his reseller strategies and cam up with possibly one the best ebook selling systems online.

With videos, pdfs and checklists, you can't go wrong.

John has laid it out in simple terms and put each bit sized portion into a course covering just 7 days.

This means you can have your own e-product, your own traffic, your own sales and much more.

If you are serious about selling ebooks, grab access to The Resale Rights Blueprint Now.

But if you are a bit dubious, read my free review of the course here:

Resale Rights Blueprint

Sally :)


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Why Buy Lee McIntyre Point and Click Coaching

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Using Ebay To Make Money

I have just released my latest ebook:

"How to start a profitable eBay Business"

I am basically taking you though every step possible to using ebay to make money selling ebooks.

As always my ebook comes with a money back guarantee, so it's risk free!

Here are the contents:

1. Ebook Inventory
2. Required Tools
3. Domain Names
4. Ebook Website
5. Web Hosting
6. Standard Ebay Template
7. Ebay About Me Page
8. Newsletters
9. Download Pages
10. Html Coding
11. Digital Delivery Software
12. Ebook Selling System
13. Traffic
14. Writing Ebooks
15. Final Word

You can see more details of my new ebook at this page:


Sally :)


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Why Buy Lee McIntyre Point and Click Coaching

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My New Resell Rights Ebook Marketing Blog

Hello, and please accept my apologies for not posting on this blog for sometime now but I have been really busy with ebay, ebooks and blogs!

Obviously, I am busy with them for a reason...They make me money, otherwise I simply would not waste my time!

This post is to introduce you to my brand new wordpress blog
Ebook Marketing Blog

Now you don't have to sign up again, as it's still the sallys-ebooks sign up, but I just have more control over the content and free ebooks and software I can give you.

I really hope to share lots of new tips and secrets to selling ebooks on ebay and from an ebook website if you have one.

When you are trying to make a success online, it's all about learning and expansion, if you simply try and promote one site or one product you really are limiting yourself and your online earning potential, try and remember MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS.

Im sure you have seen the people online claiming to make £14,000 from adsense sites, well they do, but they don't make it from one website! They have thousands of websites all earning them x amount of money everyday, have lots of sites not just one.

I have added a page to my new blog named Free Downloads, and yes, it does contain some free downloads, I am going to update it regularly, so please add it to your favourites or you will miss out on some great free downloads.

If you want to view the free downloads page simply visit the link below:

Free Ebook Download Page

Now finally, as a little bonus for my blog readers, I have 5 free reports to give you, to help you with your online success, simply visit the page below and sign up.

I could have just given you the download link, but seriously, I am going to have a massive amount of free resell rights ebooks and software for you, so I wan't to know that you really want them and are committed to making an income online!

So if you want the free ebooks, sign up, download the free reports, and receive notifications when there are more free ebooks for you.

Free Mini Ebook Reports


Sally :)
Resell Rights


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Why Buy Lee McIntyre Point and Click Coaching

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why buying ebooks on ebay can help YOUR SALES

So what do I mean when I say "buying ebooks on ebay can help your sales"?

If you watch other ebook sellers on ebay, as I always do, you will see that they are constantly buying new ebooks on ebay regularly.

The first reason you would buy an ebook on ebay would be because they actually want it, so they can read the contents or resell the ebook.

The second reason is for the exposure that their auctions will get for free.

The more your ebay id gets seen, the more chance you have of making sales.

Let's take a look at what happens when you buy an ebook.

If you buy an ebook you can leave feedback, most ebay ebook sellers have a link in all their auctions to "view my feedback" as you have just left feedback for your purchase, your ebay id will be seen every time an ebayer views the other ebook sellers feedback.

So whenever an ebayer visit's the other ebook seller's auctions, and in turn their feedback page, there is your ebay id showing, now if the person happens to be an ebook reseller, they WILL go look at your auctions to see what ebooks you are selling.

Many times I have sold ebooks, and when I check the buyers feedback, I see an ebook sellers id whom I have recently purchased an ebook from, so I know thats probably how my buyer found me, from the other ebook seller's feedback.

It's a great way of getting traffic to your ebooks and / or ebay shop.

Now don't just dash off to ebay and start buying millions of ebooks, that's not what I'm saying, choose your ebook purchases carefully.

When you are buying ebooks, look at the ebook seller's feedback, this will let you see their recent ratings, ie. past month, past 6 months, past 12 months.

Now you have two choices to make.

1. You can choose a high seller, ie. someone who is selling lots of ebooks and your id will be seen by many people when you leave feedback, the downside here is that this seller is selling so many ebooks that your feedback will fast disappear onto the 2nd page of feedback comments.

2. You can choose a lower seller, ie. someone who regularly sells 4/5 ebooks per day or week, this will mean your feedback comment will remain on the 1st page much longer.

One of the best ebay ebook purchases you can buy, that will give you "free advertising" so to speak are the multiple item ebook listings.

If someone is selling say 100 x a certain ebook title.

Now as you know, when you list more than 1 copy of an ebook, there is an option for you to view purchases, ie. you can see a list of people who have already purchased a copy of this ebook.

As there are 100 copies of this ebook to be sold, the listing will be "live" on ebay for longer, and therefore your ebay id will be seen many times.

If you buy a multiple listing ebook from an ebay shop, they last even longer ie. 30 days.

Another good way of buying ebooks to gain exposure is to opt for the 1p auction starts, there are thousands of ebooks on ebay for sale starting at 1p.

So you find some ebooks you want and place a 1p bid, any further ebayers who come across this auction will again see your ebay id.

You might win the ebook at 1p and you might not, but you are getting free exposure yet again.

And remember if you do win the auction, you get an ebook you can resell that cost you 1p and you get to leave feedback, which will get your ebay id seen again!

Now don't forget the person you are buying ebooks from is already an established ebook reseller, and they will also come and look at the ebooks you have for sale to, so it's a win win situation.

A tip when leaving feedback, try and make your feedback stand out for the rest.

DON'T try and use feedback for advertising your website, or your own auctions, feedback is specifically for informing other ebayers about your transaction with the seller.

Not many feedbacks that get left for me stick out in my mind, but one did.

A lady had purchased my ebay about me guide, and she left the following feedback...

I used your book to create my own About Me page - what else can I say but thanks!

Can you see what she done, she complimented my ebook which was nice, BUT the clever part is "I used your book to create my own About Me Page" so whenever people viewed my feedback and seen her comment, what do you think they did........They went to see her about me page.

I thought it was an excellent example of how to leave feedback, so now you can see the importance of the words you use when leaving feedback yourself.

There is one final auction that can get you some free advertising or exposure.

Again it's the 1p auction starts, but for HOT items, items that are high in demand such as sony psp, xbox, ps3, ipods, digital cameras, etc etc, you can find the hottest items on ebay listed at ebay pulse here:


Now as these items are never going to sell for 1p many sellers are happy to let bidding begin at 1p.

So you can search for high in demand items for sale, that are starting at 1p and place a bid.

Now if you happen to win a brand new ipod for 1p thats just fantastic, but if you don't then you have still got a lot of free exposure because these hot items get 100s of views, and those 100s of people see your id and might just visit your auctions.

I once knew an ebayer who sold the "Ipod tips and tricks ebook" and he sold lots of copies, the reason was that he set up a favourite search on ebay for any new ipods that were listed, ebay then emailed him each time a new ipod was listed, and if it was a 1p start he placed a bid.

Then when these ipod auctions were viewed, his 1p bid was there with his ebay id (which was related to ipods, ie. my id is sallys ebooks so its obvious i sell ebooks).

So people went to look at his auctions, and as they were already interested in ipods, they bought his Ipod Tips N Tricks ebook. I might add, he never did win an Ipod for 1p!

It's very important to remember you should only place a bid on ebay items if you want to buy the item and are willing to pay for the item should you win, fake bidding will not be tolerated by ebay.

Sally :)


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Why Buy Lee McIntyre Point and Click Coaching

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Should eBay ban 1p ebooks?

Everyone has a different view on the 1p ebooks for sale on ebay.

You either hate them or you love them.

I hate them and love them!

I hate them because they devalue a lot of good ebooks and I love them because I have got many a great ebook or software package for 1p! Contradicting myself there but its the truth!

I must admit I no longer sell 1p ebooks for the simple reason of the feedback hunters, these are mainly the people who will buy your 1p ebooks, the just want the feedback.

Ok you do get some genuine buyers who really do want a 1p ebook bargain but they are few and far between.

Now Im certainly not saying these 1p buy it now auctions should be banned, but I do think people who use that link "click here for pre-approval" then when you click it you are taken to a page where the item price has suddenly jumped up to say £1.99, these auctions should be removed as they are deceitful.

Ebay can also look at these pre-approved auctions as circumvention of fees so be very careful when listing these types of auctions.

Now everyone always ask the age old question how can anyone be making any money for 1p ebook sales, fact is most people dont make any money from 1p sales, but a lot of people do.

Some 1p ebook sellers are only interested in getting your email or details so that they can forward you to various other pages for extra sales or to promote affiliate links they have etc etc.

Other 1p ebook sellers direct you to a page to download your ebook that contains some adsense ads or an additional offer for your to buy an ebook package etc etc.

They dont care about the 1p sale, they care about what you do after the 1p sale.

But the problem with this is, that most 1p ebook buyers are simply feedback hunters trying to buid up their own feedback and they dont even care about downloading the ebook. Most of them wont even bother to visit the page that the 1p ebook seller is desparate to promote!

So its up to you if you want to sell ebooks for 1p, personally almost all my auctions start off at 1p and then ebayers can bid on them, if they sell for 1p thats fine, but Im not inundated with messages from the feedback hunters, and I dont constantly get messages from ebay saying my feedback has changed because someone I have had a transaction with lately has been suspended, yes those feedback hunters always get caught!

Any thoughts on the above, feel free to post a comment.

Sally :)

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Why Buy Lee McIntyre Point and Click Coaching

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Writing your own how to ebook guide

Want to write your own ebook "how to guide"?

Many people fear writing their own ebook, they think:

They cant write an ebook or even if they write their own ebook guide no one will read their ebook let alone actually put their hand in their pocket and buy it.

There is an old saying "practice makes perfect" and its so very true with ebooks, the more you write your own ebooks they better they will get.

Some of the most popular ebook titles are recipes, parenting, and how to guides.

How to guides are always in demand, there is always someone searching on the internet for how to do a particular task.

And if you can provide a step by step how to guide on this subject you are on to a sure fire great selling ebook.

So what kind of how to ebook guides are people looking for?

Well if you take a look on ebay for "how to ebook" you will find:

How to Play the Guitar
How to Attract Women
How to Invest in Real Estate
How to Repair Bad Credit
How to stop smoking
How to lose weight
How to fish
How to make bath bombs
How to make lip gloss
etc etc etc

And 1000s of people buy these ebooks everyday and remember its not just other ebook sellers who are buying these ebooks its ACTUAL people who want just the contents of the ebook.

They want to know how to do a certain task and YOU are going to show them how to!

We all know how to do something, whether its how to cure nappy rash, how to stop biting your nails, how to get the job you always wanted, how to get the perfect sun tan etc etc etc.

There are still millions of how to guides that have never been written but there will be a high demand for it.

Sit in a quiet room. with a simple pad and a pencil, and write down all the things you can do, maybe you know...

Home / Craft Tips

how you got stubborn common stains out of clothes, how you made beautiful curtains, how you knitted gorgeous baby clothes

Making Money

how you make money recycling old newspapers, how to make money at car boot sales

Saving Money

how you save money on credit cards, how you saved money going out for meals

Love / Relationships

how you got over your divorce or an affair

Babies / Children

how you cured your baby's stubborn nappy rash, how you stopped your child being shy


how you lost weight, or how you PUT on weight


how you changed your diet to lower heart attack risk, how to stop verucas

Can you see there are millions of how to possible ebooks out there, and I bet you have a lot of how to ebooks sitting in your mind right now.

If you have a special knack or talent, write it in an ebook, remember this ebook is going to be unique and original, you will be the only one selling it so you can charge a good price and make a killer profit.

Now if you really really REALLY cant think of anything you can teach someone how to do you can always research a subject.

Imagine you wrote an ebook "How to snag a Footballer and become a Footballer's Wife" how many girls out there would buy that ebook?????

Millions of girls all over the world are desparate to become footballers wives!

Ok so you dont necessarily know how to snag a footballer do you, ( or DO YOU??? ) but there is lots of things you could include in this ebook, you could find out where famous footballers frequent ie the local pubs, clubs and nightclubs, whatare thier favourite restaurants, you could research how other footballers wives met their husbands.

So long as your ebook includes lots of great useful information buyers will be happy with it.

Now one of the best ways you can make a how to guide is to include step by step images along with your text. If someone is just reading pages and pages of information, one they will get bored, two they can still get confused.

So if you include images, photos or screenshots at each step, you will make your how to ebook guide IDIOT Proof, the ultimate guide for dummies!

You dont want to sell an ebook on how to pluck the perfect eyebrows, and then the buyer ask for a refund because they can follow your steps because they dont understand what you mean in the steps of your ebook.

You HAVE to make your ebook how to guide SIMPLE to follow.

My favourite little program for this is SCREENSHOT, when I am writing ebook guides for online related material ie. inserting paypal buttons on ebooks sales pages, I take snap shot images, kind of like taking a photograph of my computer screen, and then I put these images inside my ebook. Then I convert the ebook to pdf format and I have an easy to follow guide.

At each step of the ebook I include a screenshot or image, which clearly shows what has to be done at each stage of the how to ebook guide.

I have written a quick review of screenshot here if you would like to find out more:

screenshot software product review

It doesnt cost much and its absolutely, positively, definately one of the best purchases I have ever made for writing how to guide ebooks and I have used it thousands of times.

So now take some time out, see what ideas you can come up with for a how to ebook guide, do some research, get lots of simple to follow images, and get writing your soon to be fast selling very own how to ebook.

Remember you can add a link(s) in your finished ebook to your ebay shop, to your ebook website, to relevant affiliate programs and make even more profits.

Or perhaps you currently have a website related to a certain topic ie. dog grooming, write an ebook with say 10 tips on how to groom your dog, convert it to an ebook, sell it or even give it way free, so long as you link back to your website, you will get traffic each time someone reads your ebook. You could even use it as a bonus to get signups to your website, there are so many valid reasons as to why you need to write your own ebooks.

So go on, what you waiting for, get writing!



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